The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Creativity and novelty in education these days are as important as learning itself. Education is all about innovative ideas. Learning can never be complete unless we encourage our children to unleash their imagination. Every child is unique and special. The challenge is in providing personalized attention in a nurturing, emotionally secure and happy environment to all students. It is a commitment to help them evolve as well-rounded and compassionate human beings with a high self-esteem. Our objective is to focus on the strengths of each child, carefully preparing him/her to acquire enough courage and confidence to face this ever changing and highly competitive multicultural world.

Degrees without values are mere papers. Real education is seen in behavior and character. We must pledge to instill much required values for the holistic development of our students. Values can’t be taught through fixed time-tables, they are imbibed through modelling. I solicit the support and cooperation of parents to teach good values to our future generation by being their role models.

DAV Nandraj Public School has carved a niche for itself with dedicated efforts of our highly committed management, experienced faculty and active parents. The school alumni have done us extremely proud and have brought laurels to our country as renowned members of the society and above all as good human beings. This gives us courage to look upon future generation with hope that it is surely going to make a positive difference.

We are empowered by the unwavering support rendered to our institution by the parents and in this knowledge lies our strength and inspiration. Thank you for your trust ! It is indeed a true privilege to have this opportunity to prepare your child for the future. In fact, these beautiful, bubbling children, bustling with energy, set the very purpose of our existence in school when they walk through the gates every morning.

We shall always strive towards letting our children stand tall in the contemporary world rooted in the glorious history and traditions of our great nation. I wish all the students good luck and God speed.