“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

It has been rightfully pointed out that education has a large role to play in the enhancement of our lives. It paves the path for all progress in life, develops the insight to foresee and solve emerging problems and also helps us to navigate successfully in calm as well as in turbulent waters. It aids in the development of a powerful mind and helps to chisel the skills that we are inherently blessed with. It transforms us into a powerhouse which can initiate big and desirable changes in the world.

Education is an enduring exercise that can be unbelievably exciting if only we wish to be part of that experience and take a trip to every imaginable place on the earth. To achieve this, firstly we all have to collectively believe in the common vision: children, teachers and parents have to understand that education is not restricted to lessons taught in the classroom from textbooks. Parents and teachers must encourage children to ask as many questions as they can. We want to harness their ingenuity and innovative thinking. We want to ensure that we create good human beings, conscious citizens and smart people. This is and will always be our long-term vision.

I would like to exhort the Principal, Staff, Students and esteemed Parents of D.A.V. Nandraj Public School to try to understand the true meaning of education and to strive to bring about positive changes in ourselves in this light. It is by using our imaginative faculty that we can envision a beautiful world with enough scope for growth; a world which is driven by ideas of liberty, peace and equality; where people can lead enlightened lives and move continually towards newer realms.