Physics Lab

The Physics Lab is well-equipped with all the ISO approved scientific instruments dealing with Mechanics, Thermo, Optics, Electro Current and Modern Physics, which are required by the students of class XI and XII to conduct their practical projects. This lab has got a wide display of projects made by these students on various topics. The Lab Assistant manages all equipment and provides apparatus as and when required by the students of these classes.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab of this school is well-equipped with all the safety equipment and apparatus required for conducting experiments. The gas pipeline, drainage and disposal system is regularly checked to ensure safety of the students.The lab is designed in such a way that, 30-50 students cando their experiments individually as well as in group.

Bio Lab

The Biology lab of this school is equipped with the materials required for the practical projects done by the biology students of classes XI & XII. Here, 25 – 30 students can easily and comfortably do their lab work. They can do it individually as well as together. This lab has got the display of various charts and other models, showing the different aspects of the world.