Mrs. Sujata Mukherjee

Class 2 gk ch- 3 (a)
Class 2 gk ch- 3 (b)
Class 2 Gk  Ch-3 Animals and their young ones
Class-4 A Aarav Kumar Singh Activity – Fireless cooking
Ch- 5   Shape and Designs
Ch- 5   Shape and Designs (B)
Activity. Sandwich making # NANI Arul Kumar class IV Activity Sandwich making Class teacher Mrs.Sujata

Mrs. Chetna Mahto

Name: Md. Shahid Hussain Class:   V A Topic: Activity on Earth Day The activity that is celebration of ‘Earth Day’ is just to create awareness about protecting our planet and preserving the environment among the children and the parents as well.
Name: Raj Darshini Mishra Class : V B Topic : Activity on Earth Day
Class 2 English Grammar -THE Sentence and its kinds
Class 5, Kinds of Sentences Eng Grammar: Kinds Of Sentences for class IV and V