Chapter name solution Topics mole fraction, Class 12 chemistry By jaikishore sir
Chapter solution, Topic osmotic pressure, Class 12 chemistry By jaikishore sir
Chapter solution, Topic osmosis, Class 12 chemistry By jaikishore sir
Chapter solution, Topic osmotic pressure,  Class 12 chemistry By jaikishore sir
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Class 4 -Evs Ch1-Going to School Topic-Vallam and jugad
Class 2 Subject -Maths Ch2-Counting in groups Topic-Counting becomes easy when we count groups in tens
Class 4 Subject-Evs Ch1-Going to School Topic-Bridges (Cement Bridge & Bamboo bridge)
Class 5 Subject-Science Topic-Cell,Tissue,Organ & Organ system
Subject-Science Ch2-Transport and Excretion Topic- Heart and Blood vessels
Ch2-Transport and Excretion Topic -Transport Sub topics -Heart and blood vessels


Title – Electric Charges and fields –   Topic – Electric Dipole XII PhysicsClick here
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Schools are closed, not studies

In the wake of this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the entire nation is under a lock down situation and every citizen is home-quarantined by order. The daily rising news of people getting attacked with this novel Coronavirus along with the death toll increasing by leaps and bounds, has aggravated the already panicked situation, thereby extending the lockdown till 3rd May.

This situation has therefore, forced many important businesses, even most public and private offices to close down, thereby starting the trend of work from home.

However, observing this perilous situation from the very beginning, various schools across the country, along with us have also decided to close down. And why shouldn’t it be? Our students are our priority. At this moment, their safety is our utmost necessity.

Unfortunately, times are such that, not just we, even the children are stressed out. This scenario of lockdown and social distancing, have necessitated that, children stay at home, curbing their natural urge to meet relatives or go out and play with friends. This is therefore taking a toll upon their mood and mind, rising their tantrums and making them feel more and more irritated, with every passing day. If steps are not taken immediately, this can also leave a bitter imprint on their minds.

In such crisis, the parents need to understand that, their children need to be tackled in a mature manner. And as mentors, it becomes our duty to handle them with not just love and care, but channelise their energy towards a productive outcome.

After all, its only that our school is closed. Not studies. Not at all! And we, as authorities of our school understand that, you as parents are equally worried about your child’s studies and the completion of their syllabus. Therefore, taking a look at this situation, we have decided to go beyond all the traditional teaching methods and show the teachers’ talent and their passion for teaching, by embracing technology.

Yes, since the times have changed and online-teaching methods are already trending, our teachers are also ready to take this opportunity to embrace technology and brush up their knowledge on the latest online and offline techniques for imparting e-learning. This will involve the students into activity-based learning, generating curiousity among them and keeping them engaged at home, through various projects and worksheets. 

By attending online-classes even the students in the higher classes, get an opportunity to inculcate themselves into self-learning and research habits.

Every student, be it in our school or in any other schools in the country, is habituated in seeing their teachers in their classes. And now is the time to re-emphasise “learning by doing”. Therefore, instead of taking an easy route of sharing YouTube links, it becomes absolutely imperative for the teachers to maintain a personal touch  through group video calls and other social media platforms like WhatsApp and e-mails, making communication effective, while e-learning as well. Even if they are not able to see the teachers, they  should at least be  able to  hear  their teachers’ voices  to  establish  a  personal connect. 

All said and done, if you, as teacher or parent are looking for a reliable source of e-content   E-Pathshala recommended by CBSE can be a good source of help for you, benefitting the students.