D.A.V. Nandraj Public School is a CBSE affiliated, Senior Secondary, English medium school providing good quality education to students hailing from different parts of Jharkhand as well as from neighbouring states. Established in the year 1981 the school has carved a unique niche for itself as it provides good quality education along modern lines and at the same time generates among students an attachment to and a respect for ages-old Indian values and traditions. It is this fusion of the old and new that students and parents are most attracted to. This gives the students a firm grounding in the past.

                Having a sprawling campus replete with all modern facilities and good infrastructure the school provides education to around 2000 students coming from various cross sections of society. It does not make any differentiation, whatsoever, at the entry level and the academically weak students are also granted admission only to be chiselled and polished for betterment. The school believes in the innate potential of the students and leaves the students at the hands of experienced teachers who try their level best to transform them into capable, confident and knowledgeable individuals ready to serve their families and society in a profitable manner. All activities of the school are guided by an able Principal, Mrs. Shailender Kaur.

The composition of the school is heterogeneous as the students belong to different socio-cultural and economic groups and this very diversity is representative of the nation with its immense diversity in terms of culture, attire, language and food. This varied socio-cultural environment prevailing in the school provides ample opportunities to students to mingle with students hailing from various sections of society, thus fostering in them an ethos of acceptability which is so very essential in the modern world as people travel extensively within the country and also venture to foreign lands for work or for entertainment. Students belonging to different families mix freely with the students of less affluent families in an atmosphere of shared existence.

The environment prevailing in the school is relaxed and students are allowed sufficient scope for self-expression, attainment of knowledge, requisition of life skills and many more which go a long way in developing their personalities. The faculty being devoted to the cause of education show utmost patience within the classroom as well as outside to instil among the students qualities of discipline, self-control, sociability and a thirst for knowledge in a conducive  and fun-filled educational environment. The students, being driven by childish impulses, may often act in an irrational manner but they are herded back into the mainstream by dutiful teachers who act as shepherds tending their flock diligently.


The school adheres to the guiding principle of Arya Samaj in dissemination of knowledge. Chanting of Vedic hymns during morning assembly and participation of students in hawans for purification of inner self and of outside environment are integral part of the practices followed in the school. The motto of the school is to create an environment which would allow full growth of the child’s personality through regular study, participation in sports, games and other extra-curricular activities. The school strives to foster in the child a positive outlook which would automatically energise the child’s mind to learn and achieve many things in life.

To fructify the vision of imparting holistic education to all sections of society without discrimination, the school pursues a set of missions.

The school has adopted a policy of abnegation of all forms of discrimination at the time of entry in the school. Admissions are taken on the basis of ‘First Come, First Served’ and the school does not lay too much stress on screening of students during admission. It is believed that each child is blessed with the potential to grow his talents and the school tries to create an environment for growth.

The school tries to generate a thirst for knowledge so that the child may be motivated to gather information from the external world and also from the input given in the school, assimilate that information and finally become equipped to face the challenges of the world.

The school wishes that the children should be imbued with national fervour and be able to appreciate and respect the culture and tradition of our country.

The school also strives to ensure that the children grow up in a peaceful environment and develop fellow- feelings for their peers. The school also perseveres to root out differences among students and motivates the students to be more humane in their dealings with other human beings in society. The school takes care that the student becomes fully integrated to the society at large.

In order to bring about the full flowering of the child’s personality the school believes in engaging the students in a slew of curricular activities, co-curricular activities, field trips, visits to places of interest, competitive events and the like.

The school also inculcates in the students a love for decorum and a respect for rules and regulations.

The school wishes to make the students self-confident and perseveres to arm the students with adequate life skills so that they may become competent to survive the harsh realities of life.

 Curricular and co-curricular activities

The school being affiliated to the CBSE Board follows the syllabi formulated by the CBSE in letter and in spirit. The students are acquainted with the subject matter and the topics of the syllabi in a conducive learning environment. The mode of teaching is student friendly and the teachers take pains to address doubts arising in the minds of the students keeping in mind the constraints of availability of time. Full liberty of expression is accorded to the students in the classroom setting so that they may feel free to express their opinions thus paving the way for clarification of concepts.

Various competitive events are held from time to time within the school to generate a competitive spirit among the students. Students are allowed to participate in various competitive events according to their choice and the teachers try to motivate the students to participate in some event or the other. The school firmly believes that every child is blessed with some skills and talents and it is the bounden duty of the school to discover and enable the growth of the same.

In order to make learning more interesting the students are regularly involved in projects individually and also in the form of groups on certain matters of topical interest.

Exhibitions are also held in which students prepare models on certain areas of their interests to concretise their knowledge and also to add an element of fun in the learning process.

The school provides ample opportunities for participation of students in sports and games. Tournaments are regularly held in the school in which students participate with great gusto. Regular training is provided to students by trained instructors and students participate not only in sports events held within the school but also participate in various inter- school sports events held in various parts of India.

Adequate attention is paid to the development of a proper physique, hence sports and games are considered to be of utmost importance.

The school enjoys the rare distinction of imparting education to the cadets of the JSSPS who always prove to be prize winners in in any sports or games event. These students receive training for participation in various international sports events. Their need for academic development is addressed by our school. Separate arrangements have been made for such cadets engaged in academic pursuits.

To add variety to the learning process the students are often taken on field trips, visits to factories, old-age homes and also to other places of general interest. The idea is to add novelty to learning and to dispel the monotony of routine learning in the classroom.

The creative talents of the children are also given adequate weightage. The students harbouring interest in various art forms like singing, dancing, painting, stitching, rangoli-making, etc. are given training by specialized teachers and various competitive events related to the same are also held in the school. Besides, students get numerous opportunities to display their artistic talents during the cultural events held in the school.

The school also ropes in specialists from different fields to talk to the students regarding their choice of career so that the students can develop fascinations early in their lives and direct their activities for the fulfilment of their dreams. Career counselling is also periodically given by experts to aid the senior students in selection of suitable careers.

The students are also regularly counselled by teachers within the classroom on matters related to dress, hairstyle, manners and etiquette so that they become courteous and their aberrant behaviour gets checked.



The school has three buildings numerous and spacious classrooms which are fully airy and lighted. Attention is paid to the neatness of the surroundings to make the environment congenial. Suitable lighting arrangements have been made along with other electrical fittings to add to the comfort of the students and the teachers. The school campus is decorated beautifully with gardens and lawns.


The school has two libraries one for boys and one for girls. They are stacked with all sorts of informative and reference books so that students don’t face the any dearth of books. Many story books both in English and Hindi have been kept to generate a lust for reading among students. A  librarian caters to the multiple needs of students and adequate stress is given to inculcate a habit of reading among students.


The school possesses fully equipped Science and Maths labs for practical demonstration of scientific and mathematical concepts. Theoretical concepts are best understood when they are objectified and concretised. The school has allocated time-slots by way of lab-periods for all classes when the students experiment with scientific tools and chemicals thereby consolidating their knowledge. Social Science labs and Language labs have also been started.


A medium-sized auditorium enables the students to attend conferences and discussions held periodically. Cultural events are also often held in the auditorium itself.


A sufficiently large playground becomes the venue for all the sports and games events. This playground becomes abuzz with activity during games periods when the students are allowed to play games like football, cricket and badminton. Separate basketball and badminton courts provide scope for such games. The school upholds the dictum of “sound mind in sound body” and keeping this very dictum in mind the school urges all students to play some games. Though the time for recess is short yet many students utilize this time for playing games.


The school realises that students cannot remain confined to this country and may have to relocate to foreign countries in pursuits of their careers. The concept of ‘world citizen’ is also gaining ground so students have to develop kindred feelings for people of the other parts of the world as well. This requires annihilation of prejudices on the basis of differing nationalities and cultures. To further the cause of internationalism and peaceful coexistence the school has made efforts to boost this spirit of internationalism among students. The school follows some practices keeping this larger objective in mind.

Preaching unity of mankind has always been an important objective of the school. The students of our school are urged to become familiar with the culture of different countries through books, television, internet and the social media so that a spirit of international brotherhood seeps in among the student populace.

Students are explained that international groups are not created for political purposes alone. Alliances are forged across countries for trade and for socio-cultural purposes as well.

Students are also motivated to uphold peaceful relations not only with our countrymen but also to maintain peaceful and amicable relations with foreigners visiting our country. The need for global peace for economic development is being increasingly felt all over the world.